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How I work

Support and Sincerity
Empathy and Insight
Compassion and Challenge


What’s the experience like?

For me, the quality of the therapeutic relationship is the key to success. I will work with you to explore the way you think, feel, sense and perceive the world. We will sit together, as equals. I will offer empathy, support and, if it will be helpful, challenge.

Most of all, I will listen to you.

Your situation is unique. I aim to get to grips with the complexities it presents, taking into account what is going on with you internally as well as the effect of outside influences. I will treat you as a whole person made up of mind, spirit and body. We will explore who you are and, if and when you are ready, what influences have led you to be that person.

 When we meet, we will agree on what we are working towards and consider what progress will look like for you. In this way I will attempt to ensure that your experience of counselling will be unique, individualised and relevant.

I work both face-to-face, at Hertford Counselling Centre, Hertford and online, with clients from across the UK, and beyond (please see links in the menu above for more information.)

If you want to know more, contact me for a free consultation.


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